The answer may surprise you. Yes! There most definitely is still a place for business cards in this day and age.  

The business card has been used by companies all over the world for many many centuries. In fact, experts believe that they were in use as far back as 15th century China, where they were used by the upper classes as a kind of invitation.

However, they wouldn’t take the shape we are all familiar with today until the 17th century.

So there’s no doubting that they’ve been around a while.  

But, with everything from newspapers to greetings cards making the move from paper hardcopies to digital, it’s easy to assume that the humble business card will follow suit.

However, we have some news for you.  They aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

That’s because business cards are an exception to the rule. They make an important first impression when meeting new clients or contacts and are especially vital to small business owners and entrepreneurs who rely upon them to….

Not only are they useful to business owners, but they are useful to their clients too, with a vast majority immediately putting the details on the card into their phones, contact books or rolodex.

Whether you intend to hand them out at a networking event, business lunch or are meeting a potential new client for the first time, business cards are a useful tool because they are so easy to pass along.

However, it’s important to keep your cards updated and looking fresh. So make sure that your business card represents you and your company.

More and more business operators are adding more than just their name, title, address and contact number to their business cards. With the rise of the internet, and subsequently social media, business owners are adding their websites and social media handles to their business cards. This encourages the new client to check out the company’s Facebook, twitter or Instagram – not just their website – and allows them to see how the company interacts with customers, and even gain vital customer testimonials and reviews.

Not only are business cards incredibly useful and are small enough that they can fit inside a wallet or purse, but they are also easy to design, cheap and can be mass produced on a large scale.

One thing is for sure: the business card is most definitely here to stay!