Business Card Printing Belfast

At Kaizen Print we undertsand Business cards are vital to every person’s career or business. An elegant, well-put business card can leave an impression to your potential network. Our business cards come in different sizes and finishes. Knowing which one to use will be determined by your requirements and preferences.

What Info Should I Put On My Business Card?

One vital info you should put on your business card is your website. Never EVER forget to put it on because this is the extension of your brand.

Basically, think of your business card as a teaser and your website as your finisher.

Do I Have To Put My Email And My Phone Number On My Business Card?

Absolutely. If you have them, then by all means do so.

Having a public number and a dedicated email address to receive feedback is crucial to your personal brand or business.

Should I Go For Standard, Glossy, Matte or Textured Finish?

When having your business cards printed, you may want to opt for the best choice for your requirement and budget. While standard business card is budget-friendly, it can be prone to wear and tear too. You may start with our Kaizen standard business cards, which come in 350gsm paper beginning at £20.00.

Kaizen luxury business cards have sturdier body with a better finish. Starting from £40.00, it is ideal for more visual business cards. Our cards come as litho printed on 400gsm silk and then trimmed or finished with your choice of gloss or matte lamination.

Matte finish often exudes sophistication and is more preferable for its very professional and polished feel. It’s not shiny and it comes in handy when you have more than enough to spend for standard card distribution. We highly recommend this one.

And if we haven’t mentioned, Kaizen business cards can be done as single or double sided print.

Last on the list are textured cards. Textured business cards are organic and fine to touch. Since it is made to excel from the typical business cards, you will find that textured ones are more expensive than standard business cards.

Our brown kraft paper business cards start from £63.00 and are litho printed on a 457 mic Kraft card. They are perfect for handmade businesses or brands that need a rustic style.

When Should I Hand Out My Business Card?

Typically, you may want to wait it out before handing your business card. Too early can be a bit pushy, so wait until your contact details are asked for or when your talk is getting warmer and you feel like you both need to get in touch with each other in the future.

Where Should I Have My Business Cards Printed?

Looking for a reliable printing supplier can be very challenging. You have to know the quality, the materials, the cost and reliability of each provider. Once you have done this, you may want to contact them if they have a layout ready for you.

Usually it comes in the form of PSD or PDF, but may vary from one source to another.

If they don’t have a business card template, you can find tons of it online or you can have yours created by a professional business card designer.

Having a reliable printer such as Kaizen Print is key to having a professional business card. We do same day business card printing whether it’s for a week’s project timeline or last minute business event, we truly deliver.

We have been in the business since 2009 and our reputation for excellence and customer service is unparalleled in Belfast. Our goal is to help your business grow to its highest potential through experience and knowledge at every step of the way.

How Do I Create My Business Card?

Creating a business card requires certain skills and an eye for design. Although many would recommend that you do it yourself, it’s still best to have a designer who could create it for you professionally.

Programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign were made to design such output. You can almost have any printed output created with those two software programs.

At Kaizen Print, you can use our easy Artwork Upload feature to get started with your business card.

If I’m Hiring A Designer To Design My Business Card, What Should I Look For?

You should look for experience and creativity when choosing the designer who will create your business card.

Ideally, you may want someone who can take your rough idea and create it into a polished and professional identity from scratch to finish.

Here at Kaizen Print, we have professional designers on board to help you today.

Give us a call today at 028 9002 2474 or visit our contact page, and get your professionally done business cards printed today.