Our good friends and customers Brewbot have just taken over the old Tilt bar on the Ormeau Road and transformed it into a haven for bearded, tech savvy, aficionados of beer. Yep that’ll do us nicely! If you aren't familiar with the Brewbot brand, these guys created an app controlled brewing device. But it was so much more! Stylish, easy to use and just plain cool. So cool in fact it succeeded in raising over £144k in their initial Kickstarter launch and a further £1m in investments since then. Truly a huge worldwide success in it’s own right. Chris and his team had their sights set a little more local with the latest venture and are focusing their love of quality beer with a local market which is becoming ever more discerning with their beverage choices. We’ve worked with Chris and the Brewbot team before Brewbot was even a twinkle in their eye, but most recently we’ve helped with the printing of their A5 flyers used to promote the launch of the bar. I’m sure there’ll be a lot more posters and flyer printing in the near future.