Today we had our first enquiry for Christmas promotional materials. Can you hear that groan? That's two overworked and underpaid (their words not mine) graphic designers lamenting over the next two months 'Jingle Balls', with emphasis on the Balls, Christmas menu design work. Ah but it's too early for Christmas, isn't it? Not if you are one of our many restaurants, hotels or pubs, who need to be ready with menus, posters, flyers and roll up banners this side of June. While the rest of you amazing folks are settling down thinking of the Summer break, we're santa'd up, draped in mistletoe, singing Santa Baby. Who am I kidding, we're most likely grunting about the addition of yet another snowflake to a Christmas menu. But thankfully, our customers are awesome and plan in advance, so come July, if you're reading this and thinking about your Christmas marketing, we'll be well versed in the 2013 Christmas trends. Feed us with minced pies and everything will be ok! Things you might consider when marketing your business for this Christmas period Flyers Posters Sample Christmas Menus Roll Up Banners Booking Forms Mince Pies for the Kaizen Staff