How dare you suggest a lack of creativity in the Kaizen office. We’re merely opportunists wishing to bring the virtues of marketing and water resistant posters to the masses on a dreary wet Wednesday morning. In fact, I’d nearly go as far to say, that this is a public service announcement. Well I would, wouldn’t I? Many of our customers have A-Board outside their premises with posters of their offers, deals and promotions within. The A-boards themselves do give a level of protection against the elements, but with the snow, gail force winds and torrential rain we have encountered over the last few weeks, please forgive these little hunks of plastic and metal, for letting ina a little wetness. But a little damp and water is all that is needed to ruin a perfectly good poster. From the very inception of Kaizen Print, we have had a very simple rule to advise customers. If your poster is to stay outside for more than a week or two, it needs encapsulated. Encapsulating posters essentially involves the process of laminating on both sides and ‘encapsulating’ the edges to ensure its water tight. By doing so, your posters will stand strong against the elements and when done, can be rolled up and put away for use another time....Unless you forget where you put them, which we have see happen many many times.