We’re a bit tardy with this blog post, but it’s one we just had to share with you guys. As many of you know, Friday’s can be a busy day in the Kaizen Print office. Everyone want their print for the weekend. Whether it’s a wedding show, trade fair, and event or a gig thats happening, flyers posters, menus and whatnot are required. We are only too obliged to help. In the midst of this most recent flat out Friday, we received a telephone call from a lady of wealth (she has to be right?) asking if we had any helicopters for sale. Yes, thats right, the new Kaiizen venture is indeed Helicopter sales or is it? Now, I’d be well known for the odd random statement in our marketing literatoor, as would our designers be versed in the art of sneaking velociraptors (yes the dinosaurs) into our own adverts, but helicopters??? No thanks, we’ll leave that for someone else to base their business on. Who knows, we may have found their first customer. Seeing as we were, you know, flush with time on Friday, we thought we’d take this as a sign to research the art of making origami helicopters. Awesome aren't they? [youtube>BGIIIH-wTrM[/youtube>