In the last few months we really have printed more PVC Banners than I imagine anyone else in Belfast could have. From outdoor festivals, charities, schools and of course businesses using the summer months and the good weather to market themselves outside of their physical location. This is exactly the right thing to do! As long as it’s done legally. So no putting banners on brides over motorways, or on private property. Below we’ve put a round up of belfast banner printing we have seen and loved. Some of the work is ours, some not but it will give you a great indication of the uses others have thought of when promoting their businesses and events. I know you’ll agree there are some awesome examples of work here in Belfast and further afield. From September to December we are holding huge banner printing offer, so do please visit the site and look out for the monthly newsletter. We’ll be sending it out very soon. In the meantime if you have an event you need pvc banners or even a roll up banner or two, please do get in touch, as we’d love to help with your marketing. We’re available on 028 90022474 all day. And here is a quick video of our Roland 640sp printing a high quality PVC Banner in-house. Ohh ahhh. Yep, super exciting…like watching paint dry. [youtube>EtLPS6BeeWA[/youtube>

Belfast Banner Printing Examples

These are a couple of the banner printing project we ourselves have undertaken in the last few months. I’ll update this post with plenty of other great examples as I find them on my travels.