If we could come up with an indestructible yet printable material at A4 and A3 size, we'd probably not have to work another day in our lives, as the paper merchants around the world would be queued out our door handing us millions...we live and hope. Alas this product doesn't exist and for the restaurants we work with daily, it means that to protect their menus from rips, tears and spills, we must laminate them. While lamination isn't quite the be all and end all, it adds serious protection to menu printing. We offer two types of la,imation, gloss and matt. You can then choose to have it straight laminated and trimmed to size or encapsulated. Encapsulation is exactly the same as lamination except that we leave a little lip on each edge making the menu water tight and that little less likely to be mutilated by your customers. Though if we had to recommend a lamination option, it would be  without the encapsulation as it looks much, much better