We print all manner of banners here at Kaizen, from PVC banners to Mesh Banners, Roller Banners and Double Sided Banners. Pretty much every conceivable type of banner available we print and have done for such a long time. 

By focusing on this product type, over many years we have become industry leaders both on quality, price and turnaround. Something that keeps our customers coming back for more over and over. Since 2009 we have invested heavily in state of the art printing technology and coupled with over 50 years combined print experience we know how to design and print affordable banners of the highest quality.

The majority of our banners are destined for businesses and charities around the greater Belfast area, but we can print and deliver all across the island of Ireland, right across the UK and beyond. If you are thinking about printing a PVC Banner for your business, we would love to help. Simply get in touch with our team on 028 9002 2474 or email us via the contact form. 

Why choose us for your banners?

We focus on quality, cost and customer service. Three things that are sometimes lacking within the print trade. By using a heavy grade PVC and outdoor-proof inks, your banners will withstand rain, wind, sun and snow with ease. Printed at 1440dpi, the banners have a high definition look even up close. The inks we use ensure your colours really pop off the banner and the print is vibrant.

When designing your PVC banner it’s best to know a few tips in advance of starting the project.

  1. Less is more - remember that people only have a few seconds to read your banner as they whizz by in their car. By ensuring your message is clear and not crowded with “information” they will be able to see and more importantly act on the right information.
  2. Link to Sale - Always remember to include your contact details. Almost every day we remind our customers of the need to include contact details on their print. It’s one of the most overlooked content items, but in my opinion the most critical.
  3. Focus on the benefit of your product and services - Ensure your potential customers know exactly what you are selling and why they should buy it. Keep your message short and simple and this will ensure you get the right enquiries for your business.

Roll Up, Roll-up

We also supply thousands of Roller Banners across Belfast each and every year. It’s one of our favourite products in that we can see instantly the benefit this has for our customers in helping to grow their businesses.

Even in just the last month, we have printer roller banners for opticians, lawyers, dentists, beauticians, employment centres and game shops. The uses of roller banners are endless and the opportunity to position these in your business provides ample opportunity to sell more of your products and services