Our newsletter is a wonderful thing. Honestly, it’s like an itty bitty condensed version of this blog sent via the interweb through to your phone, computer or other such device and honestly its worth every pixel of real estate on your screen. It’s marketing gold, so get all over it. Each month we send updates on the projects we have completed and outline some fantastic marketing, design and print tips, to help you and your business grow. Honestly, it's worth 5 minutes of your coffee break. Now sometimes, someone somewhere feels that our newsletter isn’t to their liking and they gain the overwhelming urge to unsubscribe, heavens forbid. But they do and it breaks our little print hearts. Really it does. So each and every time someone unsubscribes the following East 17 song starts to play in our office. [youtube>-BXR5dgRmO0[/youtube> It brings a tear to our eye and a smile to our face with every play. Unfortunately you can’t please everyone! So as long as you aren’t annoying them with multiple emails a week, or dare I say, a day and providing them with appropriate content, then a small unsubscribe rate shouldn't be something to worry about. Some people just aren’t into you!