Embarrassed as a teenage boys get when they’re standing in a shop and their mum asks for discount to a hot looking sales assistant, she always quipped afterwards, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get”. This one sentence has carried throughout business with me and it’s one I want to share with you today. Not only will it help you grown your potential customer base. It will help you sell better and ultimately get you the things you want, at a time, price or level you decide. Firstly I’ll start with a little anecdote. This January past, a few of our customers were on social media touting their wares. New menus, new products, pretty much a standard days business all round. Doughzy Donuts were looking tasters to try their new range of donuts, I offered my services and they sent round a dozen of their most delicious donuts for the Kaizen team to devour. We did just that. The following morning, Meat in a Bap were launching their new breakfast menu and I asked if the Kaizen team could once again put to test our food critic standards and try the new menu. They were only too happy to send up a platter of delicious food. I blogged about it, sent pics to our social media accounts and generated a buzz for them to the Kaizen community. They were overwhelmed with the response and both reported increased sales over the following 24 hours. The following morning I was having a chat with our designers during our daily design meeting and proposed that as I was now on a roll, I would request the most ridiculously expensive thing I could think of and you know, see what happened. So I sent a message out on twitter, the same on facebook and let the power of social media shine through. To be honest I thought it was a no hope request, but a few hours later, completely out of the blue and 100% not set up, a bright red Ferrari California pulled up outside the Kaizen office to take me for a little drive…yes a Ferrari. I still get goosebumps about it, the experience was second to none. as you can see from the Kaizen Print Facebook page in January, I jovially quipped that the local Ferrari dealership, Charles Hurst, might want to send me a car. Their own social media and marketing department picked up the message and thought it was a great opportunity. Now as I was later made aware, this isn't something they do often, in fact it was the very first time a little bit of social media was enough for them to take a £158,000 car on a “joy ride” (without a purchase intent). Would this have happened by chance? Not in a million years. Yet this experience did, because I asked for it and you can apply the same to every single facet of your business. Want a sale, ask for it? Want positive customer reviews? Ask for them, with every customer. Or maybe you want to reduce supplier costs? Again, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. By taking action you are taking one million to one odds and cutting them right down to something more realistic. So what if the answer returned is a no. With no harm done, you move on and ask the next question right away. If you liked this post or if I have empowered you to ask a question, then I ask you to share this blog with someone else, to recommend Kaizen to another business or friend. See what I did there?