Ask and Ye Shall Receive The first week back after Christmas is always the toughest. Not because its hard to get back into a routine, but because all the energy and ideas we as business owners have concocted over the break need to be actioned before they fizzle away into the “shoulda, coulda, woulda” pile. Thankfully many of you have jumped in with both feet last week and have decided that 2014 is going to be 'that year’. That year could be anything and everything to different people. For some its start a new business, for others, it’s launch a new product and unfortunately for some its really just survive the current business climate. For me, my personal goal is to see the businesses we work with grow and prosper to their full potential and if I can assist with ideas for design, print and marketing, I’ll be doing so. The better you do, the more chance you’ll need our services. I want to work with new customers and even help those people we don’t work with yet. It’s nice to be nice! Now to the point of todays blogpost! If you don’t follow our Facebook page, you might have missed the activities from last week that unfolded in the Kaizen office. Well firstly, we got signage up. At last I hear you cry. It was much needed and unfortunately delayed through no fault of our own. Now you should be able to find us much easier, though the bright orange/yellow van outside usually gave it away. Secondly people started sending me things. Not only customers, but our twitter mucker @doughzydonuts sent down a dozen of their delicious donuts to me. There goes the diet. The following day, Meat in a Bap (Bedford Street) sent their new amazing breakfast menu for me to taste. Again, bye bye diet. It was worth it though. I documented this all on Facebook and jokingly made a note that if Ferrari wanted to send a Ferrari to the Kaizen Office (Lisburn Road, Belfast), I’d be more than pleased. Guess What? At first I was like NO WAY, and then I was like Oh Mummy. The only way I can describe the experience is of that when you are a child on Christmas morning. I was over the moon and still am. We don’t have any friends in Charles Hurst Ferrari and don’t work with them on any projects, so this was like myself above a good deed that has resulted in some serious PR for them. So a second goal for me this year is the Ferrari. I started saving yesterday and so far have £4 saved from the morning trips to Starbucks that skipped. Only £157,996 to go then.