Sometimes the best ideas are the stupidest or the least plausible, but when it comes to April Fool pranks we take the biscuit…or the packet of crisps. As many of you know, we assist many businesses with Marketing ideas, graphic design and print, right here in our Belfast office. This year we were tasked with helping Meat in a Bap with coming up with a quirky, inoffensive April Fool for their their social media activities. The result was a very special “Daily Special”: Roast Beef Monster Munch garnished with a sprinkle of Pickled Onion, served with a Chomp Bar and a carton of Suki Orange The success of any campaign can be measured by the number of people it drives through the doors and through the tills. Not only was there an increase in sales, but also the business was asked for the special on no less than 8 occasions. I consider that a massive win, oh and the 15,000+ reach via Facebook and Twitter Sometimes the silly ones are the best