Work to Live, Not Live to Work

As business owners it is our responsibility to ensure we do our best for the needs of both our customers and our teams. Working for yourself is a privilege and one that should not be overlooked. Being able to determine the future of your own career and that of those work with you is a huge opportunity for any person. When business is good and profit are high, it’s easy to forget that for business owners, there may become a day when your business is no longer a viable option. While we hope a day never comes, it's wise to be prudent and to plan the what-if scenarios.

 If you woke up tomorrow and had to make the decision to close of business what would you do? 

It is only by planning for all eventualities (even just a little) that we can grow our businesses confidently in the knowledge that if the “What-if’s” happy, we are prepared for them.

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

 There’s a nice happy thought provocation for a Sunday night! Remember that you went through the What-if scenario when deciding to start up your business. I know I did. If Kaizen hadn’t of succeeded, I was fully prepared to take any job to make up the money I needed to survive.

Have a busy week!