No marketing professional ever wants to hear the words “Annual Report”. Why? Because for the next month, they will be knee deep in editorial and have countless meetings, about meetings, about whether or not the picture of the chairman, makes him look fat. N.B. We’re designers, not miracle workers. There’s only so much photoshopping we can do. But with that said, it’s a busy period for us, as it is for you. We would only be too happy to assist you with the creation of the most exciting annual report known to man. In reality, what we mean, is that we will take your detailed information and present it beautifully on page to ensure the key messages you wish to portray are given the acknowledgement they require. Here’s your top 3 tips to keep your designer sane when creating an annual report. 1) Bring us only “Signed off Final Text” Adding a sentence or paragraph to a page may not normally be an issue, but when working with such text heavy documents, an extra paragraph on a page could indeed amend the layout for all remaining pages and cause them to be redesigned. 2) Get High Resolution Imagery As a general rule, photos and logos from the internet won’t be suitable for print. If needs be, get professional photos taken of staff and if you need logos, these are usually very easily available from the stakeholders. 3) Set Realistic Deadlines An 80 page document will take some time to create, sign off and print. On average, a document of such stature takes up to a month, from initial discussion to finished product. Bear this in mind with your deadlines and publishing timetable. And when you have all of the above agreed, it’s time to call us!