At Kaizen, we offer a range of great products that are designed to help you when you are in a pinch. For example, have you ever found yourself needing a bit of paper to quickly jot down an idea, name or telephone number? 

Our A3 desk pads are a popular solution.

Desk Pad Printing Belfast

First things first. What is a desk pad?

Put simply, a desk pad is a large desktop sheet of paper, or notepad, which sits – you guessed it – on top of a desk.

What can you do with them?

Besides writing down information and ideas at short notice, the desk pad is highly versatile. Some of our clients have made them into calendars in the past. This allows them to jot down important times and dates quickly and easily.

But their most popular use, by far, is for taking down notes as and when you receive them.

Having these on every desk in the office means your employees won’t be scrambling for paper when they have important clients on the phone. They’ll be able to pick up their pens and start jotting down notes immediately. So it saves time, and makes your company look more professional to clients.

Desk pads can also be a great gift, and brilliant form of marketing. By giving these notepads to your clients, you ensure that they have a product that displays your logo and company message. You can also add to your desk pad is a calendar filled with important dates for your company, so your clients know about any upcoming events or meetings which may interest them.

Given how useful the A3 desk pad is, you ensure your clients will make good use of them too.

At Kaizen, we understand that budget is important. It doesn’t matter if you are a big corporate business or a new start up, you’ve got to stick within budget. This is why our A3 desk pads are printed in bulk, so not only do you get a great price for your product, you also save money in the long run.

Our prices start at £210 for 20 pads, and you can order as many as 100 for less than £500!

Our A3 desk pads are printed on our stunning 120gsm uncoated stock and are finished with a heavy backing card, which allow them to sit comfortably on a desk.

Being what is essentially an oversized notepad, our A3 desk pads act exactly like a normal notepad in that you can easily tear off a page once you are done with it while leaving the rest of the pages unscathed.

If you want to talk to us about a design for your desk pads, a member of our expert design team will be more than happy to help. Simply email us with a description of your project requirements, your deadline and a brief of the design. For any other questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our customer service team on 028 9002 2474, or email us at