Like puppies, roller banners are not just for Christmas. Yes we're talking about Christmas in July and that my dear friends is because, for the many hotels and restaurants we work with throughout Belfast and the rest of northern Ireland, winter is coming! Or more accurately, the once a year christmas partiers are coming. So while it's sunny outside ( I'm writing this from Vegas...blatant I know, so I have no idea if it's sunny or not back home) we're creating an array of Christmas marketing materials including a variety of roll up banners, menus, leaflets and posters to entice your patrons to use your restaurants and hotel venues for their Christmas parties. Last year we had some wonderful briefs from our clients in creating their artwork. We've joked about it since with them, so would love to share their briefs with you, so you don't make the same mistake.....we mean....hole dug, here's their briefs. I want it to look christmassy, but don't use red Can you make the snow look warmer Can we use a picture of Santa claus....unless it's a kids menu...the answer will always be no on this one I suppose we have to be thankful in a way. Christmas is over by august for us. Imagine we worked in retail!