FORAS na GAEILGE is offering match-funding* to all Small & Medium Business (SMEs) through two new schemes to promote the use of Irish language. [u>The scheme will launch in Jan 2009.[/u> Signage Scheme - External: - Includes new and replacement signage - Sample signage includes Shop-Front Signs; Business Livery; External Directional Signs, etc - There is no need to translate the business brand name - Both text in English and Irish should be the same size Business Materials' Scheme: - Includes new and replacment materials. - Includes general branding, letterheads, e-mail scripts, business cards, memos, receipts - invoices, HR adverts, publications, Websites, - Packaging (product naming, labelling, design, etc) - Internal Signage (direction signs, safety & security signs, automated in-store displays etc); - Advertising Materials (exhibition stands, brochures, posters, flyers, leaflets, etc). - Bilingual materials will treat English and Irish equally - this is best practice * funding is limited to (per business) £1000 on external signage and £750 on various marketing materials. We are liaising with FORAS na GAEILGE and will be more than happy to advise our customers on the application process, design, text/translations and of course the printing. Contact Connor on 028 9002 2474 for further information