Just wanted to stick up this review to say a big thank you to Kaizen Print on a recent print job for one of my clients. It was short notice, very, short notice. And I was under pressure to deliver. I contacted the business late the night before the job was due, to see what they could do. Relief all round, they took the pressure right off my shoulders immediately and within a few minutes, and using their website to choose paper, quantity etc... The job was on it's way. A couple of minutes hours later, I notice a few errors on the job. A quick email to the business owner, and the problem was solved without any hassle. I've just received an email to say the job has been delivered and no doubt my client will be a happy client today. Very reassuring that there's a printer out there that will go that extra mile. Five stars just aint enough. Good job! Kenneth Doory Design This was a project I managed for a Graphic Designer who had never used Kaizen before. Kenneth was aware of our business, but trusted other printers with his projects previously. I'm very glad he gave us a shot and as his review, well I'll take that any day. Kenneth, thanks so much for the business and we look forward to working with you in the future.