As you grow your business you will always come up with competition. People who want to see you fail and them to succeed in your place. Unfortunately this cause people to do silly things. In fact we’ve done them ourselves and we’ve learned that being beyond reproach with your marketing is always the best for any business looking to establish themselves for the long term.

We pride ourselves in our customer service and will always do our utmost to never let a customer down. In fact I’ve personally worked through the night when our printer went down and was then fixed, to ensure jobs were completed for our customers who had events the next day.

That’s who we are and that’s how we do business. We haven’t become one of the best respected printers in Belfast both within our trade and by our customers for any other reason than we go above and beyond for any customer. We understand that your business is just as important as ours and with that in mind we always focus making sure you get the best service, on time and at the best prices possible.

Today we received our first 1 star business review. The customer may be mistaken with the company he has used, or indeed this is a completely fictitious review. We’ve put it here for all to see.

“Flyers delivered late, after the event that they were printed for! we were told that everything they done was in house and had all this state of the art equipment but turns out they use a 3rd party to print most of there good and started to blame them!

Will go back to A N OTHER PRINTER where the work IS produced in house….”

Firstly, we’ve had no late orders in the last 6 months that I can recall. Secondly we are a small print house! Of course we don’t print / finish everything ourselves. Nor does any printer in Belfast.

In fact we are such a small trade that the majority of those established printers work together on so many projects. Something, I think is great about our industry. We print banners for other printers and they help us with our finishing. Working together, we the print trade, are supplying Belfast and beyond.

Whats really funny about the review is that we do have our own in-house digital printers. Flyers are probably the last type of print we’d be running behind on. We can print flyers in hours not weeks and if we were too busy, we wouldn't have taken the order on in the first instance, but rather recommended one of our partner printers in Belfast.

We are not by any stretch of the imagination saying we are infallible. Anything but! However when someone blatantly tells porkies, it really does sour the good work you do daily. Unfortunately this is business and there’s not much you can do except continue to drown out such reviews with positive ones from real customers.

The good news is we know exactly who left the review. We’ve instigated a full tracking system on this site to work through sticking points. So each use of the site, was recorded in full, including their ip address. We know they spent over an hour of their day reviewing our newly launched website and we can see when they viewed all the products they sell also.

Thank you though, you're making us work even harder to get much better reviews to drown yours out. We’ve got a blog post out of it though and that’s really all that matters.