Yes it’s already 2013, but it is never too late to start planning your forthcoming marketing schedule. Just this morning I had one of the most extremely productive meetings with a local electrical, household goods and giftware retailer. The outcome from this, was monthly events, the strategy to promote their new coffee dock and an annual calendar of marketing activity, both online and offline. Not only did some fantastic ideas get discussed openly, but as a trusted outsider to the business, I was able to give an insight into a customers perspective. Within any business, those involved are often too close to projects to see past them and just allowing a person to give their views will undoubtedly provide information, you would never have attained otherwise. We discussed changing the shop window more frequently and pushing the higher profit/slower selling items into the window more often, to generate interest and also remind existing customers of the product ranges the business provides. With over 60,000 line items, deciding which takes precedence for marketing is a daunting task, but by grouping the business into its various business areas, we decided to take a top down approach and market each area individually by month. Have a look at your own business. Does your product range vary by month or season. Can you target your products to specific events e.g. wedding lists or birthdays? Other areas we discussed included online presence, email marketing, facebook activity, all of which are overlooked in traditional bricks and mortar businesses. We love marketing. In fact its my favourite part of Kaizen Print, so if you want to have a chat or indeed discuss some ideas for 2013, please drop me a message via the contact form or call me on 028 9002 2474