It doesn’t matter which industry you are in, sooner or later you will be fighting (metaphorically hopefully) for business. Whether thats hoping to retain customers from those thieves that happen to be your competition or indeed trying to lure and seduce new customers through the doors. For the majority of marketers and entrepreneurs, we want it all, total market domination....ok, we know 99% of the time, thats impossible but damned if we’ll be beaten, right? So who’s with me? I count twenty-two hands in the back, thats enough! Boom, so you lucky folk...We’re going to tell you the the secrets of designing and printing flyers. Honestly there’s no science to it, but with a few simple considerations before, during and after your visit to Kaizen Print, we can help ensure you get the best return for your business. 1) Pick a product or service Ask yourself this question: If you had to sell 1 instance of your product range or service until the end of days, what would it be? It might be down to price, the quantity you can sell or its maybe the least hassle. Lets use ourselves as an example. The Kaizen Print team would love to sell an infinite amount of roll up banners! We know our product is of the highest quality, we are confident in our pricing and if we sell enough of them, we might be able to start working from a luxury villa on the Costa Del Sol. We’re dreamers we know. So we know which product to put on our flyer, but who will buy it? 2) Who is our target market and what do they like? Who buys roll up banners? From our experience, people attending conferences or those who need a reliable and portable displays. So it’s business people primarily. The look of our flyer must then be quite corporate, nothing too familiar and present the benefits clear and concise. Time is money afterall. 3) Time to shine with design Its now over to our designers. Oh wait, we forgot content and images...sure you can take it off the web....The short answer is no, we can’t. The long answer: The time you spend getting the right content for your flyer and ensuring the best images possible, the better your flyer will look. A flyer generally has two sides, front and back. We always recommend the following approach Front - Feature Side and Back - Content/Link to Sale The above among all else will ensure your flyer is picked up, digested and most importantly acted upon. Grab their attention, give them the information they need and finally a way to get in touch. It’s then over to you or your website or sales team to do their job. 4) Delivery How do you plan to deliver your flyers to prospective clients? Leaflet Drops? Direct Mail or Newspaper insertions? Al above are fantastic ways of getting your flyers to your target market, but don’t do them all at once. Could you cope with an influx of additional business overnight? Or would that put you in a worse position in the short term. We suggest dividing your flyers into ‘separate runs’. The first small so you can gauge the response and whenever that is complete, scaling up gradually when you can manage demand. And there you have it, these tips will make your flyer printing endeavours infinitely more successful! As a wise man (my dad) tells me regularly, Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail and truer words have never been spoken in this instance.